How to Buy

Follow these steps

1. Go to and connect your wallet BSC
2. Click on “Trade > Exchange”
3. From: How many BNB you will change in UNSTP?
4. Click “Select a currenncy” and enter the contract address into the search: 0x2355578c805609dAA2026C23B9302892D07fD1cC click on “add by user”
5. Now, on your Wallet BSC click in Add Token, Insert smart contract address, Simbol “UNSTP”, 9 decimals

Buy with Trust Wallet

1. Download the app, Trustwallet and setup your wallet.
2. Purchase BNB on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
3. Go to the DApps tab and click on PANCAKESWAP
(iphone users need to enable trust browser, then use the browser tab).
4. In the bottom slot tap “Select currency” to search, and paste the address: 0x2355578c805609dAA2026C23B9302892D07fD1cC
5. Before swapping, set slippage at 11%
6. Now, set the amount you want to buy and click on Swap
7. Confirm the transaction on your wallet and HOLD

How to Configure Metamask on BSC

1. Click on Ethereum Main Network (for mobile “Setting > Network”)
2. Click on “RPC Custom” (for mobile “Add Network”)
3. Compile:
Network Name: BSC Mainnet NEW RPC
RPC Url:
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block explorer URL:

For more questions Official binance guide URL:

4. Add Token and Custom Token
5. Compile: Token Contract Address 0x2355578c805609dAA2026C23B9302892D07fD1cC
6. Now Hold UNSTP!!!